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We Help Recreational and Competitive Surf & Snow Athletes Transform Their Body and Enhance Their Physical Performance So They Feel Fit In The Surf, Strong On The Snow And Confident In Sport & Life!

Are you a Surfer, Skier or Snowboarder (or maybe a combination)?Clayton-Cutout-157x300

Do you want to transform your body, reduce injuries and enhance your performance?

Since 2008, Clayton Beatty (Accredited Exercise Scientist and founder of Surf Snow Fitness) has helped thousands of surf & snow athletes improve their fitness through his online programs and functional training information.

At Surf Snow Fitness our mission is to help you build your fittest body so you can become a surf & snow athlete for life!

We do this using our smart functional training programs (which you can do at home or the gym) and our “habit based” nutrition coaching system that is simple and sustainable to help you create a healthier lifestyle.

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