Welcome to SURF SNOW FITNESS – The Virtual Gym for Surf & Snow Athletes!


My name is Clayton Beatty and like any surf or snow riding enthusiast, I love the freedom of being out in the ocean catching waves or up in the mountains shredding some fresh powder!

I am also an Accredited Exercise Scientist (Exercise & Sports Science Australia) and I love fitness, health, wellness, nutrition and optimizing the human body to perform at it’s best.

This is why Surf Snow Fitness was founded.

At SSF our mission is simple…

We help everyday surf & snow athletes build their fittest body.


So you can catch more waves, ride more snow, have more fun and live a healthier life!

Since 2008 we have helped thousands of everyday surf and snow athletes to build a fitter body through our online training programs, email newsletter, magazine articles, videos and blogs.


Clayton surfing down south in Western Australia


 Clayton getting some fresh lines in BC, Canada

We are here to help you transform your body and enhance your surf & snow riding performance so you can become a surf & snow athlete for life!

Are you interested in getting in shape with Surf Snow Fitness Online Coaching?

To make it easy, you can get started with your Free Online Assessment and I will personally email you my recommended action plan to help achieve your goals (plus a discount voucher to get you started with our coaching program if we think you are a good fit)

Surf Snow Fitness Online Coaching can help you…

  • Lose weight, build muscle and transform your body
  • Improve your surfing fitness to catch more waves
  • Improve your snow strength to shred more pow
  • Reduce pain and injuries so you move and feel better
  • Improve your nutrition & overall health
  • Build your self-confidence in sport and life

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I look forward to helping you transform your body, enhance your performance and change your life!